Al Wathba Salt lake Abu Dhabi

Step away from the hustle and bustle of city life into a desert oasis where emerald waters stretch as far as your eyes can see! The Al Wathba Salt Lake in Abu Dhabi has taken social media by storm, drawing adventurers to its stunning shores. Whether it's for picturesque shots or indulging in barbecues with friends and family- this destination will be sure to leave you spellbound like never before. So get ready for an exciting road trip - we provide all the details here that'll help make this unique journey unforgettable! Let's give you a brief about Abu Dhabi and our tour plans.

Al Wathba Salt Lake Abu Dhabi

Al Wathba Lake Abu Dhabi is a man-made Salt Lake in UAE. Located near the Al Bihouth region, Wathba Salt Lake Abu Dhabi has pipelines that establish water flow in this lake's emerald color salt base. 13 individual campaigns enhance the beauty of the place that chooses to stay over at night.

Salt Lake Abu Dhabi Details

Al Wathba Salt Lake is one of the best things to look at in Abu Dhabi. Along with a beautiful view, about 4000 flamingos use the Wathba wetland reserve Abu Dhabi as their home during the migration in autumn and spring. Flamingos sitting near the crystal emerald Salt Lake in the desert are a sight to behold. The wetland reserve is also home to more than 250 species of birds, more than 35 species of plants and newly found aquatic life. Spending time in this space is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Why visit Salt Lake in Abu Dhabi?

Salt Lake has recently caught the eye of visitors in Abu Dhabi because of the way it's built and its scenic beauty. Flamingos add to the beauty of this place. This Salt Lake has slowly converted into a natural lake, and water inhabitants have emerged over time.

We serve you with the desert safari Abu Dhabi packages that can be booked along with the Al Wathba Salt Lake. Booking a collective package allows you to get the best of planned visits in a single day.

What's included

Our plans include the following features to give our visitors the best experience.

  • A drive into 4×4-wheel vehicle 
  • Soft drinks and water availability 
  • A knowledgeable driver come guide to keep your company
  • A visit to the camel farm is planned along with Al Wathba Salt Lake. A Camel farm is an adventure space where camels are kept and developed.
  • Pick you up from your chosen pick-up location, and drop-off

Additional Info

  • Wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes to experience the Al Wathba Salt Lake
  • Avoid coming in peak summers or high-temperature daytime
  • Stay moisturized and hydrated while coming to the salt lake Al Wathba
  • Abu Dhabi desert safari tours can be planned along with salt lake visits.
  • If you plan a visit during autumn and spring, you can also get a view of migratory birds.

Cancellation Policy

  • The tour plans booked for Al Wathba Lake Abu Dhabi can be cancelled if told at the time. We request you to inform us using our contact number or email address so that we can solve your booking queries and financial doubts.


The Salt Lake gives you a spectacular view of the salt lake between desserts. The small lake has lily pads like salt structures in between, which gives the emerald edge lake a unique view. One can visit this space to see what a man-made piece from heaven could look like.

Abu Dhabi is one of the hottest places in the summer season. Hence it is advised that tourists visit Abu Dhabi in the winter season, which starts in November and continues till March. However, December and January would be the best months to visit.

Yes, the Salt Lake in Abu Dhabi is man-made. It is built in between the deserted structure, which gives you a look of a lake between deserts. Pipes run down the lake to maintain the water supply. The salt is formed through this water supply and other tools.