3 Benefits of a Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

One of the best experiences in the UAE is a desert safari. It’s an opportunity to learn about the lifestyle of the locals and the royal family. You’ll experience a desert sunrise and sunset and see the beautiful desert scenery. It’s one of the unique experiences you’ll ever have. Moreover, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

There are several benefits of contacting www.abudhabidesert-safari.com. After a day filled with adventure, you’ll have the chance to experience the traditional culture and traditions of Arabia. You’ll be able to enjoy a delicious barbecue dinner, watch a belly dance performance, and have the chance to see a beautiful desert sunrise. The desert safari experience is excellent for travelers arriving in Abu Dhabi by cruise ship. And it’s perfect for the entire family, including children.

Benefits of a desert safari in Abu Dhabi

In addition to dunes, you’ll get to experience falconry, an ancient tradition of the UAE, and a high-art form of Emirati culture. Falcons were initially used for hunting, but today they’re trained for cultural and sporting events. Some falcons even make their way on desert safaris, where you can get a photo with the bird of prey or see a falcon tamed in its natural habitat.

Unique experience

An overnight desert safari in Abu Dhabi is unlike any other trip in the world, as you get to stay overnight and experience the thrill of a lifetime! You will be treated to local music and Arabic coffee, and you’ll even be able to experience the Bedouin lifestyle at an Arabian Nights Village. There is nothing quite like the feeling of sleeping in a desert dune, and you’ll never want to come back!

A desert safari by www.abudhabidesert-safari.com offers a variety of activities and sights and is great fun for the whole family. Some activities include camel riding, sand-bashing, quad biking, henna painting, and falcon taming. Other activities include BBQ dinners, Belly Dance, and Tanoura dancing performances. For thrill-seekers, there are even dune bashing and sandboarding!

Adventure activities

You could book a desert safari for those looking for something more adventurous. These tours will take you through the sand dunes of Abu Dhabi, and the sun will be at your back as you experience the desert life firsthand. Some activities on a desert safari in Abu Dhabi include driving on a camel, a desert sunset camel ride, and an Arabian BBQ dinner.

Luxury campsite

One of the unique experiences of visiting the UAE is a luxury campsite for desert safari. These great camps offer all the amenities and activities you would expect from a five-star hotel. The interiors are luxurious, and there are numerous modern amenities available. The meals are buffet-style and uphold five-star standards. In addition, guests can enjoy henna tattoos and shale pipe sessions. Visiting a luxury desert campsite in Abu Dhabi is the ultimate experience.

Final Take

During the tour, you’ll ride a thrilling vehicle along the dunes of the Empty Quarter, a vast expanse of desert. The thrill of bouncing through the dunes will have your heart pumping, and your breath will be taken away! You’ll be able to witness the desert’s plethora of animals and enjoy some of the most spectacular views of the UAE. Call +971 567142448 for more information!