About A Romantic Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi desert safari

It’s no surprise you’re one of the hundreds of individuals who immediately think of the desert when they hear the name Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This oil-rich country is closely linked to the Golden Land. One could question what makes the desert so unique. When you go on one of our desert safari experiences, you will be able to answer this question positively.

It is not so much about the location as it is about how you know it! Abu Dhabi desert safari excursions will undoubtedly expose the fascinating aspect that has attracted travelers and enticed city people.

Tune into the romance with the desert as a backdrop with the Abu Dhabi romantic dune supper, which will reignite the affection. The beautiful evening begins with a pick-up from your selected location in Abu Dhabi, making it a perfect date idea for honeymooners and couples. The first activity of the day will be thrilling dune bashing. The dips and lifts will boost your adrenaline and provide you with an experience that both of you will remember. Stop at the top of the dunes to see a stunning desert sunset where the pink colors of the sky are mirrored on the sea of sand.

Make your way to the desert camp, where a lovely setting awaits. Before embarking on a camel ride, have your hands or feet decorated with traditional henna patterns. Carpets and floor cushions will be spread to give the room an Emirati feel, while tiki torches and candles will provide romantic illumination. After a romantic camel ride that is pleasant due to the soft motion of the camel, dress up in conventional Arabic attire for a bedouin photograph that will serve as a souvenir of this evening.

The Romantic Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi Will Undoubtedly Be A Night You Will Remember.

Sit down to a delectable BBQ supper, including a wide range of Emirati food. Discuss the eventful day and have a great discussion while enjoying the delicious cuisine.

Begin the day on a high note by seeing a spectacular desert sunrise before engaging in other activities.

Make Yourself At Ease.

Comfort and mental relaxation are important factors in making a visit or activity enjoyable and memorable. Continue reading and applying these suggestions to make your excitingly chosen Desert Safari a hassle-free joy journey.

Eat Light:

Because most desert safaris include some rough adventure time (dune bashing), it is recommended to eat light rather than gorging yourself. You will feel less self-conscious about being queasy and spend more time enjoying the trip.

Stay Comfortable By Wearing Lightweight Clothes Made Of Linen Or Cotton.

If you easily burn in the sun, stick to light colors (to keep the heat at bay) and loose-fitting clothing. Wear a long-sleeved top and pants, and carry sunscreen. Sand on your shoes may be irritating, so wear flip-flops or sandals. Aside from that, have warm clothing on your hands, such as sweaters and cardigans, to combat the chill that creeps in the evening and night. A pair of sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, and a wide-brimmed hat will also be your greatest companions on the trip. You will realize why the desert exists now that you are fully prepared for an interesting day ahead.