Best Packages For Overnight Desert Safari

With the winter vacation coming to an end, you need to fuel your wanderlust. The best could be to plan a luxury trip to Abu Dhabi and explore the vast sand dunes. The place can immediately refresh your mood while making you feel come. You can bring your friends and family to enjoy the desert safari Abu Dhabi and make your trip enthralling.

Moreover, if you choose overnight or evening packages, you can enjoy various perks. Here are some of the reasons why you need to choose a night desert Safari in Abu Dhabi.

Benefits of overnight desert safari

In the desert, the mornings are really hot. But as the sun sets, you can hop on to the 4*4 luxury vehicles to start your unforgettable overnight camping. The landscape of golden sand dunes that glimpse beneath the desert stars can let you enjoy the endless horizons of Liwa oasis. Once you reach the campsite, you can explore the area along with some delicious barbecue dinner under the stars. A truly unique experience for many visitors. 

If you are already excited, then take a look at some of the activities you can put into your Liwa overnight camping bag.

Things to do in overnight desert safari (Abu Dhabi)

Take a look at some of the activities you can indulge in Abu Dhabi night Safari.

  • Dune bashing

Most tourists are already excited as they start their evening desert Safari tour while bashing on the bevelled dunes. So, if you have booked a tour to Abu Dhabi, then you definitely enjoy this adrenalin-pumping activity. 

  • Private 4WD pick and drop: 

Most tour operators offer private 4WD pick and drop service from your hotel or residence to the desert campsite. This ensures that you have a hassle-free and comfortable journey to the desert.

  • Dune driving:

Dune driving is an exciting activity that involves driving a 4WD vehicle through the sand dunes. The experienced drivers take you on an adventurous ride over the dunes, giving you a thrill of a lifetime.

  • Visit to Liwa Oasis: 

Liwa Oasis is one of the largest and most beautiful oases in the Arabian Peninsula. A visit to the oasis is a great opportunity to learn about the Bedouin way of life and the traditional agricultural practices of the region. You can also explore the palm groves, date farms, and ancient forts in the area.

  • BBQ dinner: 

A BBQ dinner under the starry night sky is a must-have experience during an overnight desert safari in Abu Dhabi. The tour operators usually offer a variety of food options, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, to cater to different dietary requirements.

  • Star gazing: 

The desert sky is famous for its clarity and provides an excellent opportunity for stargazing. You can witness the beauty of the starry night sky while sitting around the campfire and listening to traditional Bedouin music.

  • Tents: 

The tour includes comfortable and spacious tents equipped with all necessary amenities such as bedding, pillows, and blankets. You can enjoy the tranquillity and relax in the desert while staying in the cosy tents.

  • Desert sunrise: 

Watching the sunrise in the desert is a breath-taking experience. The warm hues of the rising sun create a stunning view, and the cool desert breeze makes the experience even more memorable.

  • Breakfast: 

After a peaceful night in the desert, you can wake up to a scrumptious breakfast spread, including both Arabic and continental options, before heading back to the city.

Why choose Visitors Destination Tours for Liwa safari?

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