Desert Safari as the Best Experience in Abu Dhabi

The major tourist destinations in the UAE are the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Both places are well-known and have an abundance of fantastic attractions to offer visitors. Interestingly though, the desert safari in Abu Dhabi is more exciting than the Dubai safari. Visitors are always drawn to Abu Dhabi’s vibrant culture and customs. Excellent outdoor activities are available in both places. Due to the extraordinarily steep dunes in Abu Dhabi, most thrill seekers agree that dune bashing in this safari is more fun.

The desert safari in Abu Dhabi offers a wonderful opportunity to see the splendor of the various Arabian deserts and go back in time to discover Arabian culture and traditions. To ensure that every action is worthwhile of the money being spent, desert safari deals in Abu Dhabi aim to give consumers a cheap, pleasurable, energetic, and unforgettable encounter with the desert. Customers who book the safari online will get to avail of discounts.

Best Camping Spaces

The strange and intriguing features of the four deserts in Abu Dhabi will captivate you during every safari. The best camping service available after the safari guarantees a fulfilling experience. Every traveler dreams of camping in the desert at midnight in Abu Dhabi.

Intriguing overnight safari tours to the Liwa desert are now available. Businesses that rent out camping spaces to tourists provide safari camping trips and several cultural and traditional interactions with Arabs. Anyone who likes the desert, adventure, and culture will love this package. You can take a Land Cruiser dune ride to see the natural magnificence of the Al Khatim or Al Khaznah deserts. For their safety, pregnant women are not allowed to take part in the safari.

Which Season Is Best for Camping in Abu Dhabi?

The greatest months to camp in luxury are October through March . Going on camping trips for a long or short period is possible.

Activities During the Desert Safari

Desert safaris that are run by the best organizations give high importance to safety. These excursions are subject to international safety regulations, thereby ensuring customers enjoy activities like:

  • Handling Quad Bikes– Riding a quad bike is one of the most enjoyable desert activities. The experience of riding over dunes will make you feel euphoric. You’ll be experiencing an all-time high in adrenaline.
  • Sand, Sun, and Adrenaline: Sandboarding, a brand-new form of surfing, is practiced on Abu Dhabi’s dunes. It tests the ability to balance for all, even if participants are excellent marine surfers. Seeing the sun going up or down amidst the dunes is a magnificent experience.
  • Participate in a Camel Trek– Have you noticed how stunning camel treks seem in movies? It’s considerably more fantastic in person. You get to travel through the desert on the back of a camel. Do not worry if this is your first time; the organizers will provide you with all the information to enjoy the experience.

While guests can camp anywhere they like for an overnight stay, long-term camping is subject to the laid down rules and requires authorization from the government.