What Fun it is to Camp in Abu Dhabi

The deserts of Arabia are special in a mysterious manner! It’s a whole other sensation to traverse these daring dunes like true desert nomads. An unforgettable experience you will remember for the rest of your life is overnight camping in Abu Dhabi! You can expect several wild desert fantasies to come true in the night; it would be interesting to become a desert nomad and not a digital nomad for a while.

Best Places to Camp

The strange and captivating charms of the Abu Dhabi desert will fascinate you on this off-road desert trip. Abu Dhabi’s nighttime desert camping is a traveler’s dream, and the best provider of camping in Abu Dhabi ensures that the experience will be worthwhile!

Intriguing overnight safari trips to the Liwa Desert are now available. Along with several cultural and traditional interactions with Arabs, camping organizations provide clients the opportunity to go safari camping. For those who enjoy the desert, adventure, and culture, this package is ideal. They may take a Land Cruiser sand dune ride across the beautiful Abu Dhabi desert to discover the unspoiled beauty of the desert. As a safety precaution, pregnant women must not participate in the safari.

What is Unique About a Liwa Desert Safari?

Liwa, which straddles the Saudi border, is also known as “Rub al Khali,” or The Empty Quarter. Liwa will transport you deep into the Arabian Desert. While the shorter 30-minute drives into small desert regions for the smaller supper safaris are possible from Abu Dhabi or Dubai, Liwa will be closer to 4 hours from Dubai and 3 hours from Abu Dhabi.

With inexpensive desert safari packages, travelers won’t ever have to worry about the expense of camping in the Liwa Desert. One may discover a new world of breathtaking sights during their off-road desert adventure tour, thanks to the lovely desert vistas and the brisk desert breeze. A trip to the UAE is never quite complete without going on an overnight safari in the Arabian desert. A terrific method to enjoy one’s time in the Abu Dhabi deserts is to stay in a perfect Liwa camp and enjoy activities such as stargazing, BBQ dinners, a visit to the Camel Farm, and dune bashing.

Most Suitable Time to Camp in Abu Dhabi

Camping in Abu Dhabi delivers an exquisite experience with many people from abroad and locals engaging in regular expeditions. There are also professional camping tours, which one can book for an adventure-filled experience. The ideal time to enjoy camping is from October to March. Camping trips may either be long-term or overnight. While long-term camping is regulated by government authorities and requires a permit, overnight camping allows tourists to camp at any place as per their fancy.

Abu Dhabi offers the ideal landscape for a range of camping excursions. From the most demanding and tough places to those with breezy, aesthetic appeal, the popular camping destinations are categorized based on your sense of adventure and thrill.

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