What to Expect on an Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Abu Dhabi desert safari

If you’ve only seen images of the desert, it may not be immediately obvious what to expect from a desert safari. Apart from sand and camels, of course? Well, yes, obviously there will be plenty of sand and camel-related activities on any tour of the Arabian Desert. But what else can you expect to see? And is there anything else to do on a desert safari other than spotting various types of arid wildlife? In this blog post we’ll answer all your questions about an Abu Dhabi desert safari and what to expect if you go on one. From details about how much time you’ll spend in the heat to guidance on which optional extras are worth splashing out on.

Who Can Go on a Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi?

A desert safari is a great trip for all types of travelers. If you’re not traveling with young children, though, we suggest you avoid the family-focused Abu Dhabi desert safaris and go for one that caters to adults. You’ll probably find that you get more out of the experience if you don’t have to listen to children squealing with delight at every dune and shrub. Beyond that, anyone can go on a desert safari. You don’t need to be super fit or be able to walk for miles. Just take some sensible precautions and you should be fine. You might even find that the bump makes you more popular with your fellow travelers!

Finding Wildlife on a Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

If you’re going on a day trip, you can expect to see all the following creatures while driving through the desert. At least, if you’re lucky! The Arabian oryx is one of the most iconic animals found in the Arabian Desert. Unfortunately, this species is critically endangered. In Abu Dhabi and other nearby emirates, efforts are being made to protect and repopulate the oryx. So you may see some on your desert safari if you’re lucky. Another critically endangered animal that you may be lucky enough to spot on a desert safari is the Arabian leopard. Again, efforts are being made to protect and repopulate this beautiful creature. So you might see evidence of this during your tour. The Arabian gazelle is a common species in the desert. You can easily spot these animals grazing on desert plants. So hopefully, you’ll get to see some gazelles too!

Conclusion: Other Activities During Your Desert Safari

If you book a multi-day tour, you’ll have more time to do other activities while in the desert. These might include visiting a Bedouin village, trying your hand at falconry, or going on an overnight trek. Visiting a Bedouin village is a great way to gain insight into local culture. You’ll also get a chance to sample traditional food and beverages. And you might even be able to take part in some local activities. You can learn more about this optional add-on by clicking here. If you’re interested in trying your hand at falconry, you’ll get a chance to do so on a multi-day desert safari. You’ll also get to see beautiful desert scenery on the drive. It’s a great way to spend a few hours during your stay.

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