Abu Dhabi Fossil Dunes

UAE is one of the rarest places on earth that offers you the best tourist life. One such area in Abu Dhabi that gives the best experience to the tourists is Fossil Dunes Abu Dhabi. Unfurling for miles like solidified ocean waves, Al Wathba Fossil Dunes are a visually arresting example of how the extreme conditions in Abu Dhabi have created natural wonders over time. Recently preserved by the emirate's Environment Agency and opened to visitors as a free attraction in 2022, these fossilized dunes offer an insight into Earth's history.

Fossil Rock In Abu Dhabi

Fossil Rock Abu Dhabi is a geographical sight to behold. Abu Dhabi fossil dunes have been formed for thousands of years and enjoy the status of a naturally preserved tourism place. The best part is that there is no price taken to visit the place.

Fossil Dunes Abu Dhabi Details

It is believed that the current fossil dunes in Abu Dhabi started their process of making millions of years ago when we were completely underwater. The sand and the sediments settled down at the bottom of the water. These were automatically mixed with calcium carbonate. The pressure and heat caused them to become solid. After the exit of the water, the dunes got stricken with vital airwaves, which gave them the beautiful architectural designs.

Special Attraction Destination- Fossil Dunes

Camping is one of the favorite tourism activities preferred by travelers visiting Fossil Dunes. You can stay there for a night in tents companies by tour groups.

Another thing to do at the Fossil Dunes Abu Dhabi is taking a photo walk. The patterns on fossil dune Abu Dhabi are one of a kind and provide you with the perfect space for your social media update.

An arena is built around the best fossil structure. It can comprise 200 visitors in one term. A light and sound show is played in front of the amphitheater during the visiting hours of the dunes.

What's included

  • A drive in a 4×4-wheel vehicle
  • Visit Al Wathba Fossil Dunes
  • Soft Drinks and Water services 
  • Pick you up from your chosen pickup location and drop off
  • A knowledgeable driver come guide to keep your company
  • It's a luxurious and fun-filled trip. You will also get to learn about the history of AI Wathba Fossil Dune. 

Additional Info

Wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes for this experience.

The best time to visit Al Wathba Fossil Dunes is in the winter, during the months of November to February, as it belongs to the open area and may cause fatigue if travelled in the hot summer.

Desert safari Abu Dhabi tours can be booked to make the best out of the Abu Dhabi vacation.

Cancellation Policy

  • Our desert safari Abu Dhabi packages have cancellation services as well. Just inform the authorities on time.
  • We would like you to get a secure cancellation and not harm our prestige. Discuss the cancellation process with our serving lines on our contact number or mail us at the official mail.


Fossil dunes are formed over thousands of years. When sand particles are swiped by constant wind around, they form a collective soft structure. When this process happens in the area where calcium carbonate is present, then over the years, these sand groups turn into solid sand structures rising from the ground.

Yes. Al Wathba Fossil dunes are found near the Al Dhafra Military Base. The route is at a distance of 40 minutes from the Abu Dhabi Airport. This geographical beauty is finally preserved and is open for visitors to travel. Utmost care is taken to maintain these fossil dunes.

No, tourists are not allowed to climb the Fossil dunes as it may cause damage to the structure. Similarly, no litter can be spread around the area.