How Do You Choose The Perfect Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Tour Package?

Abu Dhabi safari

Abu Dhabi is the perfect vacation destination for adventurers and sports enthusiasts. The Emirate has many things to see and do, but it’s desert safaris remain the center of attraction. No trip to Abu Dhabi is complete without a desert safari in the golden sand dunes. But your trip can only go smooth if you choose the right tour package. So when looking for a Abu Dhabi safari tour organizer, make sure that you put a tick on all the following essentials.

Activities Included In The Package

Some of the most popular desert safari rides include dune bashing, sand boarding, quad biking, camel riding, and visiting a camel farm. Apart from this, the desert tours also include enjoying the Arab BBQ dinner while enjoying the Bedouin lifestyle and belly dancing.

Includes The Best Places

Ensure they have the top places for desert safari included in their
package. These top places include Al Khatim and Al Khaznah. Al Khatim makes
up two-thirds of Abu Dhabi and possesses dramatic landscapes giving you a
perfect setting for your desert safari. The long sand valleys and massive
dunes of Al Khaznah are sure to mesmerize you. It also has the desert camp,
which gives you the Bedouin life experience

Pick-up And Drop Services.

Ensure that the Abu Dhabi safari tour package includes pick-and-drop services. The tour manager should provide you with a car and a driver who can pick you up from the airport, drop you at the hotel and pick you up from there to take you to the starting point of the desert safari. The entire transportation cost should be included in the tour package.

Reliable Drivers

The tour organizer should provide you with skilled and experienced drivers so that you get a ride through the city efficiently and safely. Because safety comes first, let your manager know if you prefer an English-speaking driver for easy communication.

Discount For Activities

Who does not like discounts? And yes, there is a way you can get discounts on desert safaris too. Ask your tour manager about the deals for the variety of activities. This will help you enjoy your tour while also being within your budget.

Comfortable And Convenient Stay

You want your tour to be smooth and convenient for you. Since you will be out in the sun enjoying life to the fullest throughout your day, you will need a comfortable and peaceful place to rest at night. Hence make sure that your organizer gets you a cozy and comfortable hotel room, preferably situated conveniently from the desert.

Reasonable Price

Of course, a reasonable price. You don’t want to waste half of your fortune on a single vacation. So make sure the package only costs you the actual cost. Do some online search and check out what others are offering so that you only get charged what is reasonable. The tour organizer should keep the costs transparent and credible.

A Final Word

Keeping these points in mind, go ahead and book yourself a perfect vacation in the magical desert of the Arabian Gulf. The desert of Abu Dhabi is mesmerizing, and desert safari is the best way to experience this magic.